where were you the day hip hop died?

4 January 2010

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22 October 2009

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somebody has to care…

rest in peace to my little buddy justin, to derrion albert, and to the countless other young people we’ve lost “out here in these streets”.

1 October 2009

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who knew?


ok. first of all, let me begin by saying that i had no idea that keith murray and canibus were working on an album together (i know. i know. i’ll gladly accept my late pass). and not only is the album finished, but it drops TOMORROW (sept. 29th). who knew? i feel sorta bad because i’m a fan of both emcees and this one was waaay off my radar. but now that i know, i have to say that i’m a little excited to hear what these two have come up with. i mean, hip hop’s “most beautifullest vocabulist” alongside the only cat bold/crazy enough to snatch uncle l’s mic (and wear it on his arm for the last 12 years) - that’s gotta be worth something right?  we shall see what we shall see.

in the meantime, check out a couple of the tracks from the album below. if you like what you hear, cop it tomorrow.


129 - the undergods (canibus & keith murray)

die big time - the undergods (canibus & keith murray)

28 September 2009 canibus keith murray undergods

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listen up: ghostdini - the wizard of poetry


tomorrow (sept. 29th), ghostface killah will release his eighth studio album entitled, “ghostdini - the wizard of poetry in emerald city”. mr. starks has linked with the folks over at imeem.com to give us all a preview of the album before it drops.

check it out:

and here pretty tony sits down with dj whoo kid and talks about the new album (which i thought was supposed to be “for the ladies” yet he still refers to them as b*tches (repeatedly). interesting.) as well as life inside the wu.


28 September 2009

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just because…

(“there is a growth in my mic crevice”…classic!)

28 September 2009 b-boy stance

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confess and be hanged…

looks like our man skillz is back with two new installments of his now infamous "hip-hop confessions". from start, i have to admit that neither of these vids are nearly as compelling as the first one. in fact, i almost didn’t even want to post one of them. to say the least, hhc 2.0 is a little….what’s the word(?)…sad (pathetic? scary?) however, i think the views shared in the video speak to a greater issue that’s seems to be plaguing our beloved hip hop as of late. so, it’s definitely worth exploring.

i’m going to stop right here because i don’t want to spoil any of it for you.

check it out and we’ll catch up afterward. enjoy:

aiight…so does anyone else feel me on this? here you have three individuals who’ve each been given the opportunity privilege of carrying on the traditions of Hiphop Kulture and yet none of them seem to have a clue about it’s (very recent) past. i mean, c’mon…these are suppose to be the taste-makers of both today and tomorrow. but you’re going to sit there and tell me that ol’ gurl doesn’t know that dr. dre and eazy-e were in nwa together? really? true story? and we wont even discuss the young lady (who happens to be a dj) who thought “we tryin’ to stay alive" was a new record. nope. we’re going to act like that didn’t even happen.

nevertheless, i do give them all credit for being brave enough, and honest enough, to confess such things. skillz is right. hip hop needs more honesty. but i also think that hip hop needs it’s representatives/devotees on both sides of this ginormous generational gap to sit down at the table and try to work towards learning from (as well as understanding) each other. that’s my 2 cents.

moving on:

i dug this video a little more. skillz’ top 5 is pretty impressive and the whole “who would NEVER make your top 5” thing was a nice change. love it.

in fact, i loved it so much, i comprised a little list of my own. first, let me say that the number of rappers that would never make my top 5 is infinite. so i’ll just stick to 5 and i’ll try to stay away from the blatantly obvious choices (young mc, master p, etc.) and maybe surprise a few people.

so here they are, in no particular order…

rappers who would NEVER be in my top 5:

  • lil wayne (i STILL don’t get it. in fact, i aint even trying anymore. “that’s y’all’s punk a** friend.” - (c) kirby in dead presidents)
  • kanye west (love him as a producer but ye’s just aiight as an emcee.)
  • joe budden (royce, joell, & crooked must all owe this dude some money or something.)
  • 50 Cent (i was rooting for him in the beginning (i love a good underdog story). but let’s face it, curtis hasn’t evolved much at all since GRODT. yawn.)
  • 2pac (and a hush falls over the crowd. i like pac. in fact, i love pac.(<—you have to say this after you’ve made such a bold statement) his spirit. his passion. he was almost a force of nature. but as an emcee? eh. it just isn’t there for me. i have a post about this very topic coming soon. stay tuned.)

25 September 2009 hip hop confessions skillz 2pac joe budden

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25 September 2009

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Sucka’s to the side i know ya hate….


public enemy - “you’re gonna get yours”

try to imagine a young me, rolling in a grey 1984 chevy celebrity (with a brown door on the driver’s side (that didn’t open)) cruisin’ through the northside of flint michigan BLASTING this song. my ride was busted but you couldn’t tell me i wasn’t that one (“son of a gun!”)!

(and shout out to the homie chuck banks for putting me up on pe back in the day (he used to sneak his walkman (remember those) into math class). you don’t even know what you started bro.)

24 September 2009 public enemy you're gonna get yours hip-hop

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jay-z live @ madison square garden 9-11

i have to say, after watching this, i have a better understanding (and perhaps appreciation) for BP3.

and haters, you can say what you want about jay, but dude is a rock star. plain and simple. you can’t front on that.


part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

shouts out to nahright.com for the rip and the embed codes!

14 September 2009

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shouts out to bonz malone…


(btw…if you don’t know who bonz malone is….kill yourself shame on you.)

12 September 2009

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heads up….

a little something from the good folks over at Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.

have a good helliday monday.


7 September 2009 turntablism hip-hop

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"mama never told me…"

please meet my dear friend liza garza. (Flinttown stand tall!)

also…be sure to check out gritz and jelly butter.  these cats are the real deal (whattup rooster!).

r.i.p. swift.

5 September 2009 liza garza gritz and jelly butter

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"GOD da*n the godda*n devil…"


amir sulaiman - when i die

(feat. mos def & prod by mikaal sulaiman)

4 September 2009 amir sulaiman mikaal sulaiman mos def when i die [rebuild]

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lock ya window’s & close ya doors….


the broad street bully is back!

4 September 2009 beanie sigel hip-hop

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